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Honor Oak Park water works 22 March 2014

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This story appeared in the February – March 2014 Forest Hill Focus

Many residents of Hengrave, Boveney and Devonshire Roads contacted us about the traffic problems caused by the Thames Water works on Honor Oak Park recently.  The diversion system in place was inadequate for dealing with the volume of cars and lorries that use HOP, and we have asked Lewisham’s transport officers to account for their management of this problem. “Although the works were to deal with an emergency, the impact of the extra traffic on local roads should have been dealt with better,” commented Forest Hill ward Cllr Alex Feakes.

Roadworks: Kirkdale Corridor #se26 13 September 2011

Posted by Alex Feakes in Forest Hill, Transport.
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News from Lewisham’s regeneration department about some upcoming road works along Kirkdale:

Over the next few months, the Council’s highway works contractor, F. M. Conway Ltd will be working at various locations along Wells Park Road, Kirkdale (between Dartmouth Road and Sydenham Hill) and Sydenham Hill (Kirkdale roundabout to the junction with Sydenham Rise).  These works, funded by Transport for London, will be targeted at reducing traffic speeds and cutting the numbers of personal injury collisions.

Below is a drawing outlining the proposed work, starting at the junction of Kirkdale and Sydenham Hill, where the islands and roundabout will be removed in preparation for the resurfacing work. Resurfacing is scheduled to begin on 7th September 2011, subject to Thames Water repairing the burst water main in the vicinity of the roundabout.

As with all construction works, we anticipate some disruption, but we will try to keep this to a minimum. It may be necessary for us to use temporary traffic lights during the course of the carriageway works to allow it to be carried out safely. At times it may be necessary for owners to move their vehicles. Residents will be notified, in advance, should this be necessary.

If you would like additional information on these proposals then please contact:

Pam Bacchus on 020 8314 2215, pam.bacchus@lewisham.gov.uk, or Bill Tarplett on 020 8314 3570, bill.tarplett@lewisham.gov.uk

If you have other comments on these proposals, please contact Phil or Alex at foresthill@lewishamlibdems.org.uk.

S__highways_HAT1_3291- Kirkdale Corridor Pam Bacchus_Drawings_Consultation_3291-1000 Consultation Dwg – Kirkdale Roundabout Kirkdale Roundab

S__highways_HAT1_3291- Kirkdale Corridor Pam Bacchus_Drawings_Consultation_3291-1002 Kirkdale Roundabout consultation Area2 A1 (1)