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Parking permits campaign success 22 March 2014

Posted by George Crozier in council.
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This story appeared in the February – March 2014 Forest Hill Focus

In the summer, Lewisham Council tried to introduce a cash-free payment system for parking permits, where residents had to buy permits online or by phone.

To make matters worse, the Council failed to tell residents who need visitors’ permits what they were doing. Many of these were elderly residents who felt uncomfortable paying by phone or over the internet.

Following a motion tabled by Lib Dem councillors the scheme has been relaxed. Permits can now be purchased at Lewisham Library for cash.

What’s more, the premium 0845 phone line has been replaced by (020) 8787 5397 and the Council are relaxing restrictions placed on some people who require visits from carers.

“The Labour Council’s proposals showed little regard for the needs of some elderly and vulnerable residents,” said Forest Hill councillor Alex Feakes. “I am delighted the Council has belatedly seen sense.”