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Council’s £5.7 million tax collection fiasco 22 March 2014

Posted by George Crozier in council.
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This story appeared in the February – March 2014 Forest Hill Focus

Labour-run Lewisham Council have come under fire for having one of the worst records in the country for collecting council tax.

Last year (2012-13) the Council failed to collect a whopping £5.7 million of the council tax which was due. That is a sum larger than the council’s entire road maintenance budget.

Just 5 of England’s 326 councils have a worse record than Lewisham’s 5.8% non-collection rate.

Forest Hill Lib Dem Councillor Alex Feakes commented: “If Lewisham’s Labour administration were as efficient at collecting council tax as the average Lib Dem London borough we would have had an extra £4.5 million to spend this year. Labour need to get their act together and collect the money owed.”

The Council Tax Gap