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Political Autumn 3 October 2017

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Local Liberal Democrats have been active in a number of causes this autumn including:

Exit from Brexit

‘March for Europe’ on 9 September. They joined the tens of thousands of people marching alongside the Liberal Democrats’ new leader, Vince Cable. He addressed supporters before the march, which went  from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament Square

Vince Cable believes that:

It is imperative that the UK remains at the very heart of the EU, a member of the Single Market and the Customs Union. The opportunities and the prosperity this offers cannot be replaced. They are the bedrock on which we can build a better Britain.











Debate on learning to communicate in English

The first debate of the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth was about how important it is that refugees and asylum seekers have the opportunity to learn English to participate fully in British life. Local member, Margot Wilson, a former teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages, shared memories of long queues to sign up for English classes. She said there needs to be many different kinds of classes including those with creches for young children.

Margot on speaking english

Margot Wilson

 Margot Wilson


Bobby Dean, spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, spoke in the

Debate on Knife and  Gun Crime in London


Bobby Dean, spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford

He stressed the importance of letting young people lead the discussion on what to do about this scourge.You can  read more of what they said here on the Lewisham Liberal Democrat website


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