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Recycling textiles 14 September 2017

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Some green recycling bins still have labels on them which say you can put textiles in them but this is no longer accepted by Lewisham Council. So far no answer has been received as to how the Council aim to remedy this confusing situation.So what to do if you have textiles which you can no longer use?  The council have provided bins at the following locations in Forest Hill for recycling clothes and shoes

  • Wood Vale outside block flats 270/332 Wood Vale, SE23 3DZIMG_20170908_101144IMG_20170908_101124
  • Sydenham Hill / Lammas Green, SE26 6LT

But the recycling centre that was in the Sainsbury’s car park in Pearcefield Avenue is no more.


Frankly, this means some people in the centre of Forest Hill will have some way to go to recycle their shoes and clothes. There is no mention on the Council site as to what we are to do with other textiles such as curtains.

In Forest Hill there are opportunities to recycle any unwanted shoes, handbags and clothes in such a way as to help a good cause. Charity shops,Sue RyderIMG_20170908_105713 and British Heart Foundation IMG_20170908_105920 are in London Road and ALD Life is in Dartmouth Road, opposite the swimming pool. wp-image-448009206 They all welcome donations.

The production of textiles is costly in resources : large quantities of pesticides and water are used in the production of cotton for example, so anything we can do to reduce our consumption of textiles is important. It is not just a matter of reducing what we send to landfill. For this reason, the website Love Your Clothes is recommended. It gives advice on buying, repairing and upcycling clothes.   It is also a good idea to buy clothes from the above charity shops. There are plenty of clothes in mint condition, to fit most sizes, and at bargain prices  in all three of the above charity shops.


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