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Tree Trouble 5 May 2014

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Much concern has been expressed recently by residents mourning the loss of beautiful trees in their street. Trees are not only beautiful to look at but are essential as shade in heat waves, and in the fight against air pollution and climate change. We regret that The Borough of Lewisham has one of the lowest replanting rates in London. The council’s budget for change is largely taken up with maintenance, although clearing of trees which fell in the winter storms has not yet extended to removing the debris on the grass verge in Charlecote Grove.remains of fallen tree left on verge in Charlecote Grove (2)
Street trees may have been removed because of decay or because they threaten to cause subsidence in neighbouring houses.
Benson Road has never had  trees  Whatever the reason residents who have contacted us would like to see more trees planted.
There are opportunities to achieve this:
    • The council may benefit from a national government scheme in the future, although at present there is only a scheme to plant trees outside towns.
  • Residents can join together and bid for money at the local assembly to plant street trees.
  •  An individual resident can bypass the assembly process and pay for a tree.


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