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Forest Hill Planning consultation: 17 Netherby Road, London, #SE23 3AL 11 October 2011

Posted by Alex Feakes in Forest Hill, Planning.

Details of this planning application can be found by following this link:

http://acolnet.lewisham.gov.uk/LEWIS-XSLPagesDC/acolnetcgi.exe?ACTION=UNWRAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeDocs&TheSystemkey=64549 The case officer is Kate Challenger – please email comments and objections to her at kate.challenger.@lewisham.gov.uk, and don’t forget to copy us in at foresthill@lewishamlibdems.org.uk.



1. Nadege Clarke - 21 October 2011

Hi, is this for the lovely little house who is going to be turned into 9 flats. NO NO thanks. Where are we going to park?? How long the work going to last?? AND thanks to destroy the view. Did you know that canonbie is one of the best view in London… Well obviously NOT!! Go And develop somewhere else thank you very much!!

Alex Feakes - 23 October 2011

Sadly, it is the house you’re thinking of that would be demolished as part of this application. I used to live just up the hill from the site – this application would have a huge impact on the road – and I’m pleased that local residents seem to be united in their opposition.

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