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Demolition works start at Forest Hill Pools 27 April 2010

Posted by Philip in Forest Hill Pools.

I was improbably excited yesterday to see that demolition works are starting on the buildings at Forest Hill Pools.

Feeling a little bit giddy about it, I have to keep reminding myself that this is just one part of a very long process: the architects and council haven’t even submitted the planning application yet – though they’ll be doing that very soon.

The planning decision should be made in the summer, and (assuming it’s passed) the council will be able to appoint a building contractor at the end of this year. That means building will be able to start in early 2011, and it’s expected to take 18 months – so we won’t be able to start swimming again until mid/late 2012.

Still, this all seems a far cry from 4 years ago, when we’d just persuaded Labour-run Lewisham not to shut the pools down permanently when the wear and their neglect took their toll and meant they had to close them for public safety.

It’s just a shame that it’s taken Labour so long to come round to residents’ way of thinking. It’s a scandal just how many millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money they’ve wasted by delaying for so long. Labour seem to have tried every other alternative (a shed with one pool, moving the pool site etc etc) before actually making the choice that most people wanted in the first place.



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