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Planning decision: Tyson Road/Honor Oak Road site 22 April 2010

Posted by Philip in Planning.

Will blog more fully about this later, but disappointingly, the inspector has allowed part of Loromah Estates’ appeal. Full details at http://bit.ly/bEKiuc



1. Sue Luxton - 26 April 2010

V disappointing, planning law as it stands stinks.

2. Philip Peake - 27 April 2010

It does, but even within planning law as it stands this could have been prevented if Cllr Alexander (the deputy Mayor and responsible for planning policy for those who don’t know) had agreed to instruct officers to produce a proper review and policy for the site as I asked her to instead of saying she didn’t “think it is a good use of officer time.”

Given that Lewisham Council’s consultation on site allocations received a record number of objections for this site (over 300 if I recall correctly – more than any other non-strategic site) most people would have seen my suggestion as entirely reasonable, but perhaps it’s more evidence that Labour don’t really give a stuff about what people actually want until they’re forced to.

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