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New LoveLewisham MMS and Text message service 9 April 2010

Posted by Philip in Environment, Lewisham Council.

Yippee! Just four short years after I first suggested it to Lewisham Council’s Head of Environment, the lovelewisham system now apparently has a MMS (multi-media message) phone number for easy submission of reports by people without iPhones or Windows Mobile phones.

The number is 07725 20 20 20 and you need to start the message with the letters LCS. I’ve not tried it myself yet, but let me know whether it works. Don’t forget to include the location in your message!



1. lovelewisham - 10 April 2010

Sorry, but we’ve had this feature on LoveLewisham for several years.. but looks like we didn’t promote it very well!;

Philip Peake - 10 April 2010

As can be seen from your link, the service previously required the user to address the MMS via lovelewisham@mediaklik.co.uk – as far as I know we’ve never been able to send it to a phone number before (some phones, including mine at the time, couldn’t use the former address format to send an MMS).

2. lovelewisham - 10 April 2010

It was also available as a number (07941892687 is the number I’ve got stored on my phone). Clearly we didn’t communicate this very well!
You’ll be pleased to know that we’re working on a number of versions of the LoveLewisham app for other smartphone systems…

Philip Peake - 10 April 2010

Clearly :) And excellent!

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