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Need to report an illegally parked sofa? 14 February 2010

Posted by Philip in Recycling & rubbish, Streets.

We’re regulars at reporting problems with flytipping, overgrown vegetation, unemptied litter bins etc using the lovelewisham website. The idea is that anyone can use it to report problems with the local environment quickly and easily –
they’ve just got an iPhone app for it, so it’s now possible to report on the move without one of Lewisham Council’s own Windows Mobile phones. The website’s been redone recently too, and is a lot better. The glaring omission is still the lack of an easy-to-use phone number so residents can just text in photos without having to have an app, though.



1. lovelewisham - 15 February 2010

Thanks for your feedback on our new LoveLewisham site. A free Windows Mobile App will be availble soon. It’s with Microsoft for testing, before they put it on their Windows Mobile Marketplace for download. I’ll let you know when it’s available. I thinks it’s going to be (even) better than our iPhone app!

Nigel Tyrell
Head of Environment
LB Lewisham

Philip Peake - 15 February 2010

That’s useful info, thanks Nigel. Bearing in mind relative market share (iPhone 13%, Windows Mobile 9%, Blackberry 20% and Symbian 50% – figures quoted with handy piechart at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartphone Not to mention the millions of people with non-smartphone camera phones) I’m wondering about the logic of focusing on the former 2.

2. lovelewisham - 15 February 2010

When we started all this, back in 2004, Windows Mobile was a pretty straight forward choice. Our main focus since then has been to engage partners and council staff in reporting stuff, and reduce the need for residents and members to do this. The bulk of our reports now come from the wider Lewisham community (Wardens, Safer Neighbourhood Teams, Refuse operatives etc). Wndows Mobile suits this group very well. LoveCleanStreets aims to tie-in other reporting systems, for example, ReportIT. They already have a Blackberry app that’s used by the Fire Service. That means that when we’ve pulled these two sytems together, not only will the jobs be more efficient to administer, but their Blackberry app will be available as a LL/LCS client. We think that’s a good way of extracting better value from existing work. People with camera phones can use MMS messaging.
To be honest, although the technology has attracted quite a lot of PR, the main issue here is to get the hundreds of public sector staff and partners reporting stuff, so that Joe Public can get on with their life. That’s more of a managerial task, but this technology does help me in doing that!
All the best,

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