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Countdown to bus information 14 February 2010

Posted by Philip in Streets, Transport.

We’ve been sent some information from Transport for London (TfL) on the introduction of the new Countdown system across the borough. They’re proposing to install four of them in Forest Hill ward, at stops near the station/Capitol, the library and near the Horniman museum. Conversely, Perry Vale ward (east Forest Hill) doesn’t seem to be getting any, and Crofton Park ward (north-east Forest Hill) is only getting one (and that’s outside the bit of Forest Hill it covers) up by Crofton Park station. There’s two existing signs in the area, near The Woodman on Kirkdale and on Waldram Park Road, that they’re planning on removing without replacing.

Typically, though they call it a consulation, it doesn’t seem to be very open-minded, the document says:

The stop selection strategy is now finalised and serves as the basis for the allocation of signs to on-street locations.

In general, the rollout seems pretty minimal – TfL are only planning on putting up 2,500 signs across the whole of London which is not much more than 1 in 10 stops getting a sign. But the system is not an extension of the existing Countdown system, but a complete redesign of the ICT system it is based on. The idea is that they’ll be able to let us know about our bus via mobile phone or web: they’re planning on it coming into operation next year.



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