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Sydenham Rise & Honor Oak Park: changes for buses 3 February 2010

Posted by Philip in Streets, Transport.

Notice reaches me from TfL and Lewisham Council of two bus route schemes for Honor Oak Park and Sydenham Rise. The object of both is to try and make the buses flow more smoothly on those sections of their routes.

We’ve glad that some of the plans go a little of the way to addressing some problems for pedestrians and bus users that local people have raised with us, though let us know if there are any problems caused.

They both need physical works to the roads which are due to start in February and be completed by the end of March 2010 (weather permitting).

Sydenham Rise

On Sydenham Rise, they’re going to install a pedestrian refuge and create a short section of footway by narrowing the carriageway to the east side of Sydenham Rise and relocating the existing northbound bus stop.

There’ll also be some short sections of parking restrictions, near the bus stops and at the junction with Sydenham Hill to prevent parking and increase visibility for drivers emerging from the junction. Clearly marked bus stop cages are to be introduced on both sides of the road.

Honor Oak Park

Because there is a need to divert electricity cables under Honor Oak Park and the cost associated with this work, the intention is to introduce the scheme in two phases as follows:

1. To introduce the extended bus cage, kerb build out and relocation of the speed cushions by Devonshire Road and the “ No waiting and loading at any time restrictions” at specific locations locally up to number 125.

2. To introduce the road widening and pedestrian refuge by the junction of Hengrave Road, if additional funding becomes available to divert the existing cables.

More information

The council anticipates some disruption to traffic, but have said they’ll try to keep it to a minimum. During the course of the work it may be necessary for owners to temporarily move their vehicles where construction and lining work is taking place. Residents will be notified in advance should this be necessary.

If you want further information about this scheme and the Council’s London Bus Priority programme, you can contact:
Peter Stunell
Telephone: 020 8314 2240
Email: peter.stunell@lewisham.gov.uk



1. Christopher Thomson - 28 February 2010

As a resident of Sydenham Rise and a cyclist (as well as a bus user, pedestrian and driver), I’m concerned that the proposed road narrowing will, as these features usually do, force cyclists going up the hill to move out into the flow of traffic. This is always annoying (to drivers as well as to cyclists) and sometimes dangerous. I also wonder how many parking spaces on Sydenham Rise will be removed by these proposals. On Sundays the street is heavily used by visitors to the Horniman Museum, many of whom have small children and often, too, elderly relatives who walk with difficulty. If these changes are going to reduce available parking at the weekend, are additional parking spaces nearby being planned?

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