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Potholes 18 January 2010

Posted by Philip in Streets, Transport.

The recent snow and ice has made some of Forest Hill’s roads even worse. Rain dripping into cracks in the road (or semi-melted snow forced into the cracks by passing vehicles) expands when the temperature drops and it freezes later in the day. Shockingly, even some relatively recently resurfaced roads, like Honor Oak Park (pictured) have developed serious potholes, which makes me wonder about the quality of the work that Lewisham paid for. Since this has been a particularly severe winter so far, I’ve asked a question to full Council on what additional things they think they’ll need to do to identify and fix potholes.

In the meantime, you can help by reporting potholes. You can contact me or email the department directly. Or you could phone Lewisham CallPoint on 020 8314 7171. (The council did put out a press release with a hyperlink to a web form, but it didn’t work).



1. Helen Hilton - 22 January 2010
2. Philip Peake - 3 February 2010

Thanks Helen.

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