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Jerk Cookout at the Horniman 9 August 2009

Posted by Philip in Forest Hill.

The Jerk Cookout Festival in the Horniman Gardens is now in it’s fourth year. It’s the first year I’ve managed to get to it: my wife being a teacher means we’ve usually been on holiday at this time of year. Lots of delicious food and great music mean it’s an event not to be missed if we can possibly avoid it in future though!

I’m told it’s getting bigger and better every year and it’s fantastic to see the Gardens so packed with so many people from right across south London (and beyond) enjoying themselves. Last year, if I recall, was the first we had any local residents with any problem (about the volume of the sound system, and we spoke to the Horniman and hopefully there’s been improvement this year).

I did notice jammed traffic this time and some minor disputes between motorists. In just four years, this festival has grown to a third the size of the much older (and council subsidised) Lewisham People’s Day in Catford. That event has security and traffic management that I feel is frankly depressing: hopefully we can avoid such intrusive measures as Jerk Cookout goes from strength to strength. And everyone continues to enjoy themselves.



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