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Designated Public Place Order Review #se23 #se26 14 February 2012

Posted by Alex Feakes in Community, Police.
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The Safer Lewisham Partnership are currently undertaking its annual review of the Designated Public Place Order. The Order gives the police extra powers to address alcohol related anti-social behaviour and disorder, and will influence things like alcohol control zones.

You can feed in your views to the consultation here: http://lewisham-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/community_services/crsp/evaluating_the_lewisham_designated_public_place_order_alcohol_related_anti-social_behaviour

Alternatively, if you’d rather not contribute your views directly, then you can do so through us – please drop us an email at foresthill@lewishamlibdems.org.uk

Thefts from gardens in #ForestHill #se23 & #Sydenham #se26 31 January 2012

Posted by Alex Feakes in Community, Forest Hill, Police, Sydenham.
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If you have been the victim of a theft of materials from your garden, or know of someone who has, we would be grateful if you could drop us an email at foresthill@lewishamlibdems.org.uk. There have been a number of similar incidents reported in recent weeks, and we would like to know how widespread the problem is.

Climate Camp on Blackheath 27 August 2009

Posted by Philip Peake in Lewisham Council, Police.
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A bit out of our area, I know, but I thought I’d go and take a look at the Climate Camp which has been set up in Blackheath over the past couple of days. (Actually not far from my 90-year-old granny’s flat. She thinks it adds a bit of excitement.)

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Blackheath’s Lib Dem councillors are understandably concerned about any negative impact on local residents and have issued a statement which Andrew Milton has reproduced on his blog. Meanwhile, Labour Mayor Sir Steve Bullock seems to have gone off the deep end, and has been pulled up by local blogger Blackheath Bugle who points out “the heath is a mess every sunny Saturday with people simply boozing, so it won’t make much difference.”

Yes, the camp is unlikely to make much difference as an individual event, but what Bullock misses – while ranting that his method of persuading people is the only one that will work – is that people react differently to different forms of communication. Some people will learn new facts and tools for dealing with climate change from the media reporting about Climate Camp. It will help bring the issue to the front of some other peoples’ minds. And maybe even some who go along to join in for the fun of it will get involved and become an environmental leader of the future.

Anyway, here’s hoping that the week goes off well. It’s looking that the police have learnt lessons from G20 and are taking a far more neighbourhood approach to this one, and it was good to see some very senior council officers there talking constructively to organisers. The atmosphere I got was good-natured and hard-working: the initial phase of setting up is pretty complete – they’ll be moving on to workshops and their own brand of info-tainment soon. Local residents have been invited to visit, and if many other people come from across London, the organisers might be unwittingly helping the capitalist economy of Blackheath Village.


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